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Running Your Business
Shouldn't be a game of

Whisper Down The Lane...

Thats a lot of people talking about your business, in most cases, without you being part of the conversation. You trust and hope that what the Knows are saying about you is accurate, that they aren't promising things you can't deliver, or aren't part of the services you offer.


That is a constant frustration with most businesses, at networking events I will hear someone, say: "I can't believe Bill gave this referral, it's like he doesn't hear me when I talk about my business“  Bill may well not have been listening. We don't know Bill, but what we do know is that your business didn't connect with Bill. Not just connect, but in a way that made sense to Bill. They weren't easy to remember, hard to forget. Confused about the business, or the brand; Bill thought was the right thing and sending business your way. It just was just a matter of miscommunication….one that could cause frustration on the parts of all parties involved.


Referrals are primed, pumped and ready to buy. You can easily "close the sale" in a matter of moments. Then, once you’ve closed the sale, you've got a new Known and a wider net to access new Referrals. It’s a self perpetuating cycle that easily drives business.



Like a stray cat, they show up one day. If they like you, they never go away.  That makes the Stumble Upons an adventurous group, they're pioneers. These are the fun clients, excited to hear more about your business. They want the "full YOU experience". Again, it’s a matter of simply closing the sale, easily, efficiently and effectively.

The Knowns

Your current consumers. They know who you are and boy do they love you! They’re loyal and you can count on them for steady business. These are your “bread and butter” clients. The ones that give you piece of mind, allowing you to know: at least this for this month I can eat!


The UNKnowns

Everyone else, literally!  Anyone and everyone is an Unknown and that’s a vast and deep ocean, wide open spaces. A huge expanse of potential buyers and clients. One you'd never think to navigate without a map or a plan.

I've no doubt if you asked Bill, he’d most likely say:  “Someone asked me…do you know someone who does “blank”? I thought, that sounds like something "real estate-ie" so I gave them your number. When I hear that, I cringe. It’s clearly someone struggling with how to explain what you do by relying on generalities and stereotypes. He has nothing to work with.  It’s a cry that says: “We need something that clearly defines who we are as a business, that makes sense to the people we started our business to serve AND is easy to remember and hard to forget. Sounds like A LOT to ask right? I say to you, it can be done, with a BRAND!


Can a brand REALLY do all that? Yes, it can!!  Brands are a crafted way for you to give a consistent “business story” to everyone and anyone. It’s one that’s easily repeatable, solving the whisper down the lane issues referrals bring. It’s you controlling what people say about you and how they say it. It’s leaving nothing to chance. It clarifies the way you speak about your business when talking to buyers. It attracts people with a logo. It reminds people because it’s genuine.


As a small business owner, you know the importance of growing your business. It’s a daily challenge to grow and not lose anyone. Any small business, losing a single customer, could be fatal, in you only stay with the Knowns. You may get some Referrals and Stumble Upons. But not enough. You need new consumer added on a regular basis.


Brands mean business!

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If you can't work with E. H. Howard in person at one of our clinics, then our comprehensive branding and marketing workbook is for you!  Learn how to talk about your brand more effectively and with greater clarity. Brands are how business is done in the modern world. Is your brand up to the challenge?


The same workbook we use to teach hundreds of people how to brand, is now available to everyone.

everything you need to revitalize your brand


 everything you need to:

develop a brand that sticks in the minds of consumers, making you easy to remember, hard to forget.


identify and target your ideal client.


develop all the tools needed to market yourself, on-line or in person at an event.


discover which benefits resonate with your ideal clients clearly and effectively.


get a 30 second commercial you can use at any networking event.


develop an initial set of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin posts that can be modified as needed and guaranteed to get attention.

Of course we have the standard, and ubiquitous reasons...Thirty yrs of hands on, industry experience, affordable, flat rate pricing, long history of happy clients, well versed in DC silver age comic lore...the list goes on and on. We've got all that but that's not what makes us us.


What you get from working with us is how we see the world. Like true creatives, through brand colored glasses (seriously, we do...they're on now, check instagram). Brands infuse everything we do.


Our core belief is that brands are stories, stories about your business boiled down to an easily recalled idea and image. Marketing is then telling those stories in unique ways to people you don't know yet. Successful brands tell genuine stories that are easily and consistently repeatable while resonating with consumers. Using that definition, can anyone and anything can be a brand? Yes, they can and they should think of themselves as one.


Every client we work with sees themselves as a brand. Where we come in is to work with them to see the possibilities inherent in their own brand. Sometimes for the first time, sometimes like seeing an old friend again for the first time in a long time. We show them how their brands give their marketing faster recognition with consumers. Brands connect because they are easy to share and explain. Brands mean business. It's becoming a fact, you won't survive as a small business, unless you start thinking of yourself as a brand.


That's what makes us different


you should


with us

The question we get asked most often is: "why should I work with you?"  Typically, it's phrased more along the lines of something like: "what's so special about you?" but thankfully we're not easily offended. It did take us awhile, though, but eventually we deciphered that to mean: "...what benefits does my business get from doing business with the Design Office? What's the ROI?" It's what everyone wants to know. It's why you're here reading this. Right? Inquiring minds...

We get asked a lot of odd questions....