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I can only assume that most people don't
go to work intentionally looking a hot mess.

I'm sure some do, but let's assume most don't go into the office all disheveled, looking the worse for wear; a down right embarrassment...if we're being completely honest.


We can't throw stones, we've been there, we all have; but back then we didn't care! Screw the man! It's not your business! But we all got wiser, we all realized; it's time to move on, we're not twenty any longer and the business we're screwing is our business. We learned, if you want to be taken seriously, respected by potential clients, you have to look and talk the part.


If that's the basic assumption, then let me ask you this? Why would you give your clients collateral and marketing materials that look and feel cheap, are poorly executed, feels like ya just don't care. If we're being honest...isn't it just little bit embarrassing? Now the business is your business. The respect you're trying to earn is the respect of potential clients. Clients who are immediately, and quickly judging you...probably harshly.



That assumption is 100% inaccurate. It's so wrong, that to prove the point, I built an entire business on proving just how wrong that assumption is. Design can and should be a basic "right" of every business, none more so than small businesses. I strongly feel there is no reason why any small, home or solo business should close, unless it's through mismanagement, but that's a different issue.


great design for everyone is why we offer affordable flat rates, priced specifically for any and every small businesses. Whatever your budget, we've got a way to help! When you work with us you get Madison Ave quality at Main Street prices.


Literally, everything we do is flat rate based, purposely designed to meet the budget of any and every small business. That's not an assumption that's a fact.


I've been known to make a lot of assumptions. To be fair most them eventually tend to be proven right. Therefore, I can only assume that most businesses see quality design as an expensive luxury. Something out of their reach; something they can't afford, both in time and money. I'm guessing the thinking is: "...that's something for the big guys. That's not for little guys like me."

I can only assume most small businesses must think :

", that's something for the big guys. That's not for little guys like me."

That's so wrong!

Of course we have the standard, and ubiquitous reasons...Thirty yrs of hands on, industry experience, affordable, flat rate pricing, long history of happy clients, well versed in DC silver age comic lore...the list goes on and on. We've got all that but that's not what makes us us.


What you get from working with us is how we see the world. Like true creatives, through brand colored glasses (seriously, we do...they're on now, check instagram). Brands infuse everything we do.


Our core belief is that brands are stories, stories about your business boiled down to an easily recalled idea and image. Marketing is then telling those stories in unique ways to people you don't know yet. Successful brands tell genuine stories that are easily and consistently repeatable while resonating with consumers. Using that definition, can anyone and anything can be a brand? Yes, they can and they should think of themselves as one.


Every client we work with sees themselves as a brand. Where we come in is to work with them to see the possibilities inherent in their own brand. Sometimes for the first time, sometimes like seeing an old friend again for the first time in a long time. We show them how their brands give their marketing faster recognition with consumers. Brands connect because they are easy to share and explain. Brands mean business. It's becoming a fact, you won't survive as a small business, unless you start thinking of yourself as a brand.


That's what makes us different


you should


with us

The question we get asked most often is: "why should I work with you?"  Typically, it's phrased more along the lines of something like: "what's so special about you?" but thankfully we're not easily offended. It did take us awhile, though, but eventually we deciphered that to mean: "...what benefits does my business get from doing business with the Design Office? What's the ROI?" It's what everyone wants to know. It's why you're here reading this. Right? Inquiring minds...

We get asked a lot of odd questions....

what can




We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line. We're happy to talk about brands, design and what we can do to help you grow your business more effectively...


P. O. Box #447, Anaheim, CA 92815


Monday - Friday         8:30 am - 6:30 pm

Saturday - Sunday     By Appointment


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